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04 April 2010 @ 03:12 am
Recommendations: Asian BL Movies  
Asian BL Movies

This is for all the people in Youtube who have been asking me for recommendations on Yaoi Movies, so I've decided to do a review page here just for them. if I get any complaints on "adult theme," this page will automatically become a "friends-only" page and only friends will able to view it from now on. Thanks.

Itsuka no Kimi e



Overall, a decent BL movie... very short and at some point I would say very lame. Not a lot of kinky or cute moments but if anyone loved Takumi from Boys Love I, then this is definitely worth watching. I also read the manga to this, it was featured as a one-shot from a collection of Yaoi stories, and I got to say this one was my least favorite story so when it was made, I was a little angry. The two other stories was a lot more genius and would be more worth making but sadly, it was too damn dark. As for the plot, I won't give away too much. It's about a boy with a complex personality who has no friends, and then suddenly after a drowning accident, another boy grew his interest in him. As they become closer, his twin brother turns up, and then he suddenly disappear. This continues on until his new friend decided to follow hims and ... Yup! There is a kiss, like one peck.

Mikami Masashi
Kato Ryousuke

Recommendations: 2/5

Kato Ryousuke is my least favorite uke (bottom, receiver) -- tainted and complicated.
The plot itself isn't the best either, but it wasn't boring enough to make me cry, plus the seme (top, giver) was eye-candy. I hate the ending personally, and I will try not to give it away but if anyone had seen Goosebumps or any of the Goosebumps series-- that's the feeling you'll get in the end. The ending is given a big twist and I'm left with a different genre from the end than the beginning. I would've rate it better except for how it ended, and if you're getting confused, perhaps you might want to give it try and understand it for yourself. Basically, the movie is about how the "uke" is stuck to the "seme," but suddenly he leaves for business, and the "uke" misunderstood him, takes off and end up having sex with other people. His younger brother is addicted to him, and it turns out they shared the same guy in bed ... blah blah blah ... a lot of confusion in this film but if you're in for it.... there's some screen cap below for you to decide. BTW, THE REASON I SCORED IT SO LOW WAS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO REAL KISSING. DAMN IT!


Bokura no Ai no Kanade


Koki Watari
Uchiyama Masato



I would say that this is overall a decent BL film except that there is no English subtitles available out there for those who want to watch it, so if you are at least a little "fluent" in Japanese, then maybe you would understand the movie. There is a very awesome kissing scene ... and no fake kissing scene like the ones in Takumi-kun I or Kindan no Koi, so I'm very satisfied. Well, moving on to the plot, it is about music and love in simple terms. One man who is not committed to one and only love find interest in another boy whose life is only dedicated to music. He is a beautiful piano player who holds no interest in anyone or anything; he is cooped up in his own world until the other man trespassed and flipped his world upside down. The ending is nothing like "Kindan no Koi," but it is also sad yet it gives you a feeling of reality ... the reality of impossible love between two men from very different world and values, and what true love leads to in the very end. Again, I did some simple snapshots for those who are considering watching.


Boys Love I

Yoshikazu Kotani
Saitoh Takumi

Recommendations: 4/5
Being popular doesn't mean it's the best -- Boys Love I and II are probably one of the most-talked BL movie for the Japanese industry. Boys Love is a dark, twisted movie infested with sexual desires and forbidden love that will leave its audience searching for a light-hearted comedy to ease your suffocation. Just as a warning -- it contains rape, and the rape is pretty depressing to watch, especially since both men, Seme and Uke, are eye-candy. The story follows as a reporter interview a male model, and then suddenly gets sexually harassed in the men's restroom. After the incident, the reporter starts to realize his true sexuality, and again, the teen model does not stop pestering. He gets another phone call, and is order by his supervisor to apologized to the model... so he gets there, prepared with an apology gift to see a disgusting old man walking out of the model's room -- naked. As they discover each others true self, love bonds and so does promises but promises are meant to be broken. If you're looking for something like love under sunshine between two boys, look else where because I promise you "Boys Love I" and "II" will only leave you depressed, but if you're up for it, then go ahead. Sorry, I don't have the movie at this time, so no snapshots for you guys, and also, sorry no kisses in this one, and no sex either between the pair.

Boys Love II


Yoshikazu Kotani
Kanno Atsumi

Recommendations: 4/5
As you all can see, the boys are pretty delicious, so it is worth a try. Let's be clear, Boys Love I and Boys Love II have nothing to do with each other even though Kotani Yoshikazu happened to be in both. Again, I must warned you all pure, and innocent heart people that this movie contains nudity, homosexual sex, and worst of all, gang rape or "gang banging" as some would prefer to be call. Yes, it is very sad and depressing again, so look elsewhere for the normal, romance story. Boys Love II follows a teacher at a private all boys school who reunites with the man he had a one night stand with -- his student. The student won't leave him alone. He has a motive of his own, and he can not let go of this love, but on the other hand, the teacher want nothing to do with him, and holds a grudge at heart. The two men learned about each other, and love forms, but there is only much tragedy, drama, jealousy and love going on that would eventually threatened their forbidden love. If this sounds yummy to anyone, here are some screen caps below for your consideration. BTW, there is a cute, fluffy kiss if anyone is interesting.


Eternal Summer

Bryant Chang
Joseph Chang
Kate Yeung


Don't let the girl fool you. This is definitely one of the best "Yaoi" movie I have ever watched. It has realism in it accompanied by youth, friendship, and so much more that goes on in life. The chemistry between the men are absolutely perfect and the actors did a great job, especially on the sex scene for they look very comfortable with each other. The ending somewhat leaves you waiting, hanging on, and hoping on that the credits would not appear. Ok, let's move on to the plot; One boy is a delinquent while the other is a perfect student. One day, the teacher starts an experiment by passing on the delinquent boy to the perfect student, forcing the two to become best friends. They are still together even in High school, and are best buddies. The delinquent now is a basketball player, and he can't played unless his friend is watching him. Suddenly, a new female student transferred into the school, and quickly she is infatuated with the role-model student, but only on a run-away trip does he realize his true sexuality. Case ended with him, but instead, she started dating his best friend, and the two new couple decided to keep their relationship a secret but what happens when he finds out ... will the pressure be enough to break even the perfect student who has continued bottling all his true feelings to himself, and what about for the best friend who can't stand being lonely without his buddy or his girl? Figure it out all in the movie. I recommend that you will cry at the despair, and drama each character goes through, and at the end, you will wait with our jaw opened, hoping the movie does not end. Again, if anyone is interested in knowing, there is a super steamy sex scene, with real kissing, and I mean, awesome kissing unlike the ones I've seen so far. There are some screen caps below for your consideration.


Takumi Kun II: Nijiro no Garasu

Watanabe Daisuke
Hamao Kyosuke

Recommendation: 5/5
I screamed when I saw the actor who played as the "uke" -- he is probably the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, and this is probably one of the cutest BL movie I have seen. Well, there is death in the movie but overall, it has more of the "rainbow" after a heavy rain kind of atmosphere. The boys are drop dead gorgeous and obviously very comfortable with each other (I've seen the making); I sometimes wished they were secretly dating in reality. I will review Takumi I later, and III when it comes out. Ah! There's the good news, so if you happen to like the Takumi-Kun Series, Movie III already aired in theatre, so wait patiently for it to be released. I'm sure someone will pick it up for fan-subbing. Ok, for the plot -- it follows Movie I after both Gii and Takumi had already became a couple. They are lovey dovey and they're good at that, but suddenly, Gii started acting strangely, and his wimpy "uke," Takumi starts to suspect him of liking another boy. Jealousy drove the men into chasing one another and chipping each other;s lips to understand each other. In actuality, Gii is helping his sick friend get together with the man he had a crush on. The story also follows their story and regrets of how the two men never confessed to one another ... I shouldn't ruin the movie too much for those who haven't seen it, but overall, the movie is bombarded with cute scenes. Lots of hugs, and kisses, and probably the most lovable BL sex scene I have ever seen -- Hamao is a newbie at kissing, and you can tell, because he looked completely clueless when the kissing comes, and let's talk less about his expression ... not sure he was expressing pleasure or pain, but it must have been pleasure. Here are some gorgeous snapshot once again for your viewing pleasure and consideration, but I recommend you go for it.


Notice: I will update Part II to the reviews for more movies if anyone is interested, but I'm tired of writing for now so I will take a break and come back later. For the moment, go ahead and starts to deciding what to watch, and if anyone has trouble looking for the movies, I can also put up a download page for the movies, but pls write down a comment asking so, so I know that you guys are having trouble with something, or agreeing that I should have a download page. BTW, downloads will be f-locked, if it is made,
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zuanzuan,zuanchan on April 5th, 2010 08:31 am (UTC)
can i request the download for nijiro no garasu?
Gama-chanjazky on April 5th, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
Yes, I will try to put up a download page asap.
Cicitakaramakoto on April 8th, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
Thanks for the post! I've been looking for a new BL movie to watch :]
blue_2693blue_2693 on April 17th, 2010 01:37 am (UTC)
helllllo..... i was wondering if u can give the link to the dl for Takumi-kun 2 Niji Iro No Gara because i been looking for the movie for soooo long i found it in veoh but i have to dl something and i don;t want too.....lol so can u pls give me the dl link for the movie and the making..... PLS AND thanks
Gama-chan: pic#97844940jazky on April 17th, 2010 08:45 am (UTC)
I have already updated movie download links for the movie "Takumi-Kun II" and I will try to update the making. If you can't see it, it is because "downloads" are "friends-only" links (I have stated that in my rules or semi-friends post), so go ahead and post a reply in that thread, and I will add you.
itsumi1 on June 16th, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Thank you so much...I needed new movies to watch...can't wait for your second post!
kichoukagerukichoukageru on September 16th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
yes definitely this is the most lovable sex scene.....
especially in takumikun 3, i don't know whether they are a good actor or really really *ahem* ...enjoy it....??? but i can feels love when they doing sex scene *blush*. yes yes i do hope they lovely dovey in real life too hehehe *whack my head* can't wait for takumikun 4....
mchan_sk07mchan_sk07 on May 10th, 2011 04:16 pm (UTC)
wow, ty ty ty ty ty thank you sooo very much for the reviews!!
i m looking for some yaois to watch & these sure helped me to choose which one is suit my preference ^^!

for now, i m really curious with ur best recommendation, Eternal Summer!
ur review about it sounds soooo amazing & it really intrigues me.
do u where can i find the link to download this movie (or maybe u can share the link pleaseeeee, pretty please? ^__^).
i thank you in advance ^^!

ps: i m looking forward for the part II, hehehehe...
midtsukimidtsuki on May 30th, 2012 11:05 am (UTC)
Hello! :D Thank you for this entry, I'm out of option which movie should I watch... I haven't tried Takumi-kun series yet so I should watch it, thanks again!
Gama-chan: takumi2jazky on June 1st, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
To be honest with you, Takumi-kun series do not have the best plot or acting but the actors are eye-candies so if that is your department, then go for it. It's just cute and fluffy.
Dai MaoDai Mao on October 9th, 2013 08:50 am (UTC)
Taikumi-kun series...
Great bl movie!!! watch it over and over again... so sweet daimao!!!